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Petrol Pump Hose - 16 bar - D - EN1360



Delivery hose for filling and discharging petrol tankers, tanks and ships, for unleaded fuels (EN 228:2017) with oxygen components limited according to EEC 85/536 and with an aromatic content of 50% max.

Suitable for industrial oils, diesel oils (EN 590:2017), fuel oils (DIN 51 603 parts 1 - 5), mineral oil-based hydraulic oils.


Suitable as a reel mounted hose.

Electrically conductive: Resistance R < 106 Ohm (according to EN ISO 8031:2009).


EN 1360:2013.

Temperature range

-30°C / +90°C.

Safety factor

3,15 : 1


NBR, black, electrically conductive, smooth.


Textile wrapped, copper wire.


CR, black, resistant to ozone and weather, abrasion resistant, resistant to oil, electrically conductive, cloth impression.


continuous mylartape, yellow letters: "SEMPERIT (S) TEF Mineralöl/Oil Euroflex PN 16 bar R < 106 Ohm", as well as continuous embossed tape: "SEMPERIT (S) TEF EN 1360:2013 Typ 1 Ω DNXX 16 bar XQXX".

Technical details

Article number Internal-Ø Wall width External-Ø Work. pressure (max.) Number of inserts Bending radius (min.) Weight approx. Coil length (max.)
mm mm mm bar mm kg/m m
48135 256025,06,037,01621500,7540
48135 326532,06,545,01621751,0040
48135 387338,07,2552,51642251,2540
48135 507350,07,2564,51642751,7040
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