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Flexline Plus

The high flexible multi-spiral compact hydraulic hose with reduced bend radii and increased working pressure exceeds performance of EN856 4SP and 4SH



Synthetic rubber, resistant against hydraulic fluids (HL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP, HFA, HFAS, HFB, HFC) and bio-degradable hydraulic fluids


Four high tensile steel wire


Abrasion and ozone resistant synthetic rubber
MSHA, SemperRock and SemperShield (DN10-DN25) cover available

Temperature range

-40°C to 100°C / -40°F to +212°F (max 120°C / 248°F intermittent)

Standard branding

Mylar tape


Impulse tested up to 1 million cycles (tested acc. to ISO6803:2017)

Technical details

Nominell Innen -Ø Spiral-Ø Außen-Ø Betriebsdruck (max.) Min. Berstdruck Biegeradius (min.) Gewicht ca. Anforderungen nach EN856 4SP/4SH
Typ Betriebsdruck Biegeradius
mm Zoll dash mm Zoll mm Zoll mm Zoll bar psi bar psi mm Zoll lbs/ft kg/m bar mm
103/8-69,90,3917,70,7020,20,794706815188027260602,40,460,69Exceeds 4SP445180
121/2-813,00,5120,60,8122,90,904706815188027260853,30,530,79Exceeds 4SP415230
165/8-1016,40,6525,00,9827,21,0747068151880272601003,90,791,17Exceeds 4SH420200
193/4-1219,50,7728,31,1130,51,2045065251800261001204,70,911,36Exceeds 4SH420280
251-1625,91,0235,41,3937,51,4844063801760255201505,91,301,94Exceeds 4SH380340
311-1/4-2032,51,2843,51,7147,31,8637053651480214602108,31,812,70Exceeds 4SH325460
381-1/2-2438,71,5249,21,9453,42,1032046401280185602509,82,223,31Exceeds 4SH290560
512-3251,12,0164,32,5368,02,68280406011201624039015,42,974,42Exceeds 4SH250700
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