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We always ensure the customers we serve from a wide range of industries are completely satisfied with the quality of our hydraulic and industrial hoses and the expert service we deliver. Our hydraulic hoses are used in mechanical engineering applications, mining, plant construction and in agricultural machinery. Our industrial hoses are used to transport materials in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from the construction industry to chemical and food manufacturing.


We harness our considerable knowledge of the rigorous requirements of agricultural and forestry machinery to provide high-quality hydraulic and industrial hoses.


Building & Construction

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of a wide range of hydraulic and industrial hose solutions to the construction industry.


We manufacture highly abrasion-resistant hoses that meet the special requirements of the opencast and deep mining industries.

Material Handling

The efficient transportation of goods is critical for all manufacturing companies.


Our reliable products have proven their worth time and time again in the manufacturing sector, where they are primarily used in production machinery, welding equipment and injection moulding machinery.


Semperit hose solutions ensure that people and goods can be safely and efficiently transported.

Renewable Energy & Power Generation

Renewable energy solutions play a very decisive role in the fight against climate change.

Processing Industry

Semperit hose solutions facilitate the safe transportation of a wide variety of food and beverages.

Pressure Washer Cleaning

The world’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure cleaners rely on the power of Semperit pressure washer hoses.

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