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Innovative and customer-focused

Our key priority is to provide our customers with a dependable service and to help them improve their business processes with innovative and reliable solutions. We are passionate about providing high-quality products and services, and we focus on creating long-term value for all our stakeholders by placing excellence and efficacy at the heart of everything we do.

Innovation and R&D

As premium manufacturer of hydraulic and industrial hoses, we offer our customers a high level of performance in all areas. Our technical expertise and focus on process orientation, as well as tested products through our own testing facilities, enable us to convince as the world's leading manufacturer of hoses. 

Customer Service

Customer service is part of our strategy. Not only our technologically advanced products and our business efficiency, but above all the success of our partnerships is crucial for us and our customers.

Test Center

The central service and competence center for hose testing is located in Odry, Czech Republic: Hose Testing Center (HTC). Further testing facilities are located in the Hose Test Centers at our production sites in Hat Yai, Thailand and Shanghai, China.

Manufacturing Excellence

The increasing requirements in demand behavior and the constant progress in production processes are external factors to which we as a company are adapting by implementing improved and future-oriented change processes.

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