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Braided & Spiral Hoses

Steel wire reinforced hydraulic hoses from Semperit are used worldwide where reliability is required. One of the advantages is flexibility, high kink resistance, abrasion, and ozone resistance. In addition to the classic, standardized hose types according to EN and SAE standards, Semperit also offers its own developments of compact hoses with exceptional performance values in terms of pressure resistance at extremely small bending radii with up to 1 million impulse cycles for modern high-performance hydraulic applications.

Semperit also offers a well assorted range of spiral hoses. These can be used for pressures up to 560bar. In addition to the standard spiral hose types according to EN and SAE standards, the program also includes compact spiral hose types which are used in very compact applications due to their extremely small bending radii. The Semperit spiral hose is developed for today's demanding hydraulic systems that require more performance.

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