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Disclaimer Industrial Newsletter

Please note:

The content of this publication is not legally binding and is provided as information only. Content subject to changes as mistakes, misprints and incorrect data are reserved and we disclaim liability for accuracy and completeness of the content.

 Before using our products with new or untested media, or for applications that are not clearly indicated in the product information, written advice must be obtained from a specialist dealer or a Semperit application engineer. For safety reasons, all products must be inspected regularly for operational safety and replaced in the event of any damage (especially of the cover) or unusual signs of wear and tear. All products must be stored, handled and maintained in accordance with all our respective instructions and DIN 7716:1982. The information in our newsletter as well as each individual datasheet is subject to change at any time without notice since we are constantly developing and improving our products and due to constant technical developments after the latest release date of the newsletter and/or individual datasheets. In order to always have the latest product and safety information make sure you visit our website regularly or contact one of our specialist dealers or a Semperit application engineer. Additional important general information about the range, choice and safe use of our products can be found at our website and must be followed without exception.

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