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Chemical - UPEL - 16 bar - S&D - EN12115



Flexichem, the highly flexible chemical protection hose with a black, conductive UPE liner.

Suitable for the transport of acids, alkalis, salts, organic compounds (alcohols, esters, ketones, etc.) incl. aromatic substances, chlorinated hydrocarbons and oxidising acids (cf. our chemical resistance list).


The UPE tube has an extremely low friction coefficient and good abrasion resistance.


EN 12115:2021, TRbF 131/2:1992. Cover meets UL94 HB.

Temperature range

Tube depending on the flow medium up to +100°C. Hose flexible down to -35°C. Steam cleaning without pressure up to 130°C / max. 30 min.

Safety factor

4 : 1


UPE, black, electrically conductive, smooth.


Textile wrapped, zinc plated steel wire helix, 2 crossed copper wires.


EPDM, black, resistant to ozone and weather, abrasion resistant, electrically conductive, cloth impression.


continuous mylartape, white letters, blue tape: "SEMPERIT (S) FLEXICHEM UPEL MADE IN EU////// ", as well as continuous embossed tape: ""SEMPERIT (S) FLEXICHEM UPEL EN12115: 2021 TRbF 131/2  SD  NW.. PN 16 bar Ω/T   xQ/YY"".


ATTENTION: The temperature of the medium must be lower than its boiling point.

ATTENTION: Please refer to the Semperit resistance list or, in case of doubt, contact Semperit.

ATTENTION: Continuous use at the peak values reduces the service life.

ATTENTION: To ensure the assembly is leakproof, it must be tested according to EN 12115:2021.

Technical details

Article number Internal-Ø Wall width External-Ø Work. pressure (max.) Number of inserts Bending radius (min.) Weight approx. Coil length (max.)
mm inch mm mm bar mm kg/m m
48374 196019.03/46.031.01621250.7040
48374 256025.016.037.01621500.8040
48374 326032.01 1/46.044.01621751.0040
48374 386538.01 1/26.551.01622251.3040
48374 508050.08.066.01642751.8540
64374 638063.52 1/28.079.51643002.3540
48374 758075.08.091.01643502.6040
64374 0080100.08.0116.01044504.9040

Vacuum resistance to -0.9 bar

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