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Fuel/Oil - 300 PSI - S&D - flat corrugated



Suction and delivery hose with corrugated cover for filling and discharging tanks, petrol tankers and ships with unleaded fuels (EN228:2017) with an aromatic content of components 50% max.

Suitable for industrial oils, diesel oils (EN 590:2017), fuel oils (DIN 51 603 parts 1 - 5) and mineral oil-based hydraulic oils.


Very flexible but still robust, due to flat corrugated cover.

Temperature range

-40°F / +200°F, oils +215°F.

Safety factor

3 : 1


NBR, black, electrically conductive, smooth.


Textile wrapped, zinc plated steel wire helix, 2 crossed copper wires.


SBR/EPDM, black, resistant to ozone and weather, abrasion resistant, resistant to oil (according SAE J517:2017), flat corrugated with cloth impression.


continuous embossed tape: "SEMPERIT (S) TM60 PETROLEUM / OIL S&D WP 20 BAR Made in Europe".


On request:
- corrugated or square corrugated cover
- 50ft or 100ft lengths

Technical details

Article number Internal-Ø External-Ø Work. pressure (max.) Number of inserts Bending radius (min.) Weight approx. Coil length (max.)
mm inch inch psi inch lbs/ft ft
65823 196019.03/41.2230022.000.50200
65823 256025.411.4730022.350.60200
65823 326032.01 1/41.7330022.750.75200
65823 386038.01 1/21.9730023.550.90200
65823 517050.822.5530025.901.10200
65823 638063.52 1/23.1330047.101.70200
65823 768076.233.6330049.852.10200
65823 0290101.644.71300414.953.00200
65823 0595127.055.75300418.904.00200
65823 0610152.466.79300427.556.40200

Vacuum resistance up to -26,6 inHg

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