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Food - EPDM - 12 bar - D - red



LM1 EPDM the flexible discharge hose for use in breweries and the food and beverage industries.

Suitable for use with alcohol (max. 40%) and soft drinks, fatty (max. 36%) and non-fatty foods.


We don't use for the tube compound of LM1 EPDM  any


PAH we comply with requirements of EU 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex XVII Nr. 50


BfR XXI Kat. 2, FDA (CFR 21 § 177.2600), EG1935/2004.

REACH regulation and REACH consumer goods annex XVII

Temperature range

-35°C / +95°C, steam cleaning without pressure up to 130°C / max. 30 min.

Safety factor

3,15 : 1


EPDM, white, food quality, smooth.


Textile wrapped.


EPDM, red, resistant to ozone and weather, abrasion resistant, cloth impression.


continuous mylartape, white letters: "SEMPERIT (S) LM1-EPDM Lebensmittel BfR XXI Kat.2 BREWER/KELLERMEISTER D food quality FDA WP 12 BAR Made in EU".


Very high resistance to many aggressive cleaning agents.

For the application of cleaning agents please see our separate information sheet.

ATTENTION: Not suitable for dry conveyance.

Technical details

Article number Internal-Ø Wall width External-Ø Work. pressure (max.) Number of inserts Bending radius (min.) Weight approx. Coil length (max.)
mm inch mm mm bar mm kg/m m
48256 135013.01/25.023.0122500.4040
48256 195019.03/45.029.01221000.5540
48256 256025.016.037.01221500.8540
48256 328032.01 1/48.048.01241701.4540
48256 389038.01 1/29.056.01242001.8540
48256 401040.010.060.01242502.2540
48256 501150.011.072.01243502.9540
64256 651265.012.089.01244504.1540
64256 751575.015.0105.01265505.9540
64256 801580.015.0110.01266006.2540
64256 0015100.015.0130.01267007.6040

Vacuum resistance up to -0.5 bar (up to including 50mm ID), bigger sizes -0,3 bar


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