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Tarspray - NBR - 16 bar - D - Wire/Textile



Suitable for use as tar spraying hose up to 180°C. Based on Norm EN 13482.

The hose may be used for applications other than tar spraying at temperatures up to 110°C.


The design with a steel wire braid and overlaid textile braid insert ensures good layer adhesion and heat insulation.

Electrical conductivity: Resistance R < 106 Ohm.

Temperature range

-35°C / +180°C (tar).

Safety factor

8,75 : 1 for tar


NBR, black, electrically conductive, smooth.


Steel and textile braided.


CR, black, resistant to ozone and weather, abrasion resistant, electrically conductive, cloth impression.


continuous embossed tape: "SEMPERIT (S) TTS Teerspritz/Tarspray PN 16 bar".


ATTENTION: The hose may only be used at temperatures of up to 180°C in accordance with instructions. The application of solvents or the use of flame to remove tar is not permitted. The hose must be replaced even in the case of minor damage.

Technical details

Article number Internal-Ø Wall width External-Ø Work. pressure (max.) Number of inserts Bending radius (min.) Weight approx. Coil length (max.)
mm inch mm mm bar mm kg/m m
48702 1960 19.0 3/4 6.0 31.0 16 2 190 0.80 40
48702 2570 25.0 1 7.0 39.0 16 2 250 1.10 40
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